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At VDL We Work With:


who struggle to juggle the demands of running a business and staying on top of accounting and tax preparation.

We help bring more margin into their days so they can focus on their business. If they want, we even give them the tools to use QuickBooks for themselves.

We resolve accounting guilt once and for all.


who are looking for an accounting firm who knows them personally, and can speak to their individual circumstances.

They are totally ready for someone to handle accounting and tax preparation for them so they don’t have to deal with it.

We help them get what is necessary done, while gaining more time to do what they love.

We’ve been in business for 28 years,
we’ve got 46 years of combined experience,
and 3 QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff.

And when we're not crunching numbers and helping our clients be strategic with their tax planning...

we can be found having fun with family, traveling, volunteering in the community and even making maple syrup.

Our Values

• We will maintain the highest personal and professional ethical standards.
• We will use our entrepreneurial and professional skills to help each client reach their maximum potential.
• We will strive for open, honest and effective communication. We will actively listen and question to understand.
• We will combine a modern business environment with social, community and environmental stewardship.
• We will utilize the most advanced technology practicable, ensuring client and firm efficiency, security, and profitability.

Mission Statement

VDL partners with business owners and individuals to achieve their financial goals. We provide timely, accurate, and meaningful information on which to base their financial decisions. We specialize in customized accounting, business solutions and tax strategies for small to medium sized businesses


VDL is a trusted accounting firm serving Northern Michigan. We provide year-round, cost effective services. Our experience enables us to take the initiative to anticipate and meet clients’ needs by utilizing knowledge, sound advice and the most advanced technology available. We develop personal relationships with our clients and operate from the highest ethical standards.